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There are added advantages to invest in mutual funds compared to directly going for purchase/sell of shares through Stock Exchange of India.

Few of them are:

  • Diversification for spreading risk.

  • Benefit of expert knowledge& research machinery of fund management.

  • Flexibility to invest in smaller amounts.

  • Accessibility, Mutual Funds are easy to buy & sell.

  • Different schemes for different Financial Goals.

  • Fully transparent as compulsory to publish NAV on daily basis.

  • Lesser cost as the funds are invested collectively.


India being the Global Investments Destination having a strong economy ahead Investments in Mutual Fund provides golden opportunity to NRIs investors,Indian equity funds have not only performed in INR but also US$/GBP terms too inspite of substantial depreciation of INR.

Mutual Funds in India being promoted by International funds, Public & Private Sector Banks & leading corporate House are becoming first choice for equity participation by resident as also NRI investors. The government is playing its own part of an Encouraging Patron by offering various tax exemptions and lower taxes to investments in MF schemes.


1. Provide composite total value added services of planner, advisors & Mutual Funds portfolio managers.

We a team of qualified Chartered Accountants as a Mutual Fund Advisors provide portfolio service of wealth-creation through investments in equity schemes of Indian Mutual Funds-a personalised service requiring the investor only to sign the dotted line.

Suggest investment strategy suitable to tenure and risk appetite of the investor.

  • Provide detailed Asset Allocation Plan [AAP] and suggest timing of investment.

  • Prepare applications & paper work.

  • Maintenance and reporting of portfolio on quarterly basis.

  • Advising profit-booking and/or switch from time to time & further reinvestment of sale proceeds on an on-going basis

  • Advising tax matters and providing annual statement of Dividend and Gains

  • Availing Permanent Account No. (PAN); Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and establishing NRE account which are perquisites for Mutual Funds investment in India, if the investor does not have any or all of them.

The investor has only to sign the dotted line as duly filled application forms and necessary paper work is prepared and submitted by our Office.

All investments are made in name of the investor under his own signature. As MF schemes are linked to investor's notified bank account electronically error-free fund transfers for investment and realisation are also ensured

There will be no exit load if investments are redeemed after one year or more and lower tax of 10% only on Equity funds held for one year or more AND ALSO OUR EXPERTISE AND SERVICES AND SERVICES AT NO CHARGES.

Our unique services extend to investments in Indian Arbitrage Funds combined with Indian Mutual Funds which attracts added gain in your basket.

01. Investment & Operation of Indian Arbitrage Funds.

Indian Arbitrage Funds combined with Indian Mutual Funds creates unique opportunity of pre tax return per year ranging from 12% to 14%.

  1. There is an added advantage of Mutual Fund investment being utilized as margin in Arbitrage Fund where by your investment i.e. AUM will enhance portfolio value and profits also. Your investment of Rs. 11mn will enhance portfolio value to Rs. 16mn as Mutual Funds are used as margin in Arbitrage Fund activities and Arbitrage Fund profits are credited in your Bank account on monthly basis.

  2. A small example may help to understand mixed investment and better returns.

    1. Say an investment of Rs. 11 mn is divided as Rs. 5 mn in Arbitrage Fund and Rs. 6 mn in Mutual Funds.

    2. Arbitrage Funds will give minimum return of 12% per year totalling to Rs. 1.20 mn - after tax return of Rs. 0.84 mn.

    3. Mutual Funds being placed as margin, Arbitrage Fund AUM will be Rs. 10 mn coupled with Mutual Fund investment of Rs. 6 mn, so total will shoot up to investment of Rs. 16 mn

    4. Mutual Funds investment of Rs. 6 mn will give return of app. 12% per year totalling to Rs. 0.72 mn - after tax return Rs. 0.64 mn. Effectively this will give pre tax return of totalling to Rs. 1.94 mn and after tax return of Rs. 1.48 mn

  3. The crux of investments in Arbitrage Fund is over & above gains on Mutual Fund investments, one gets additional profits.

  4. Even if one considers Rupee Depreciation vis-a-vis US$ & GBP returns one can expect after tax INR return of 12% to 14% ; US$ return of 8% to 10% and GBP return of 6% to 8%.

02. Our services vis-a-vis investment in Arbitrage Funds.

Provide Assets Allocation Plan(AAP) synchronising with the funds designated by Arbitrage Fund Managers.

Prepare applications & necessary paper work and all other formalities & Procedures.

Maintaining & tallying all trading activities done by Arbitrage Fund Managers.

Keeping track of monthly profit of investor which gets credited in investor's bank account directly.

As & when required by Investor investment can be liquidated and invested amount can be credited into their respective bank account within 3 to 4 weeks.

Providing capital gain report, Dividend Income from MF Investments for the purpose of filing of Income Tax return in India.

Maintaining & reporting of portfolio with performance on quarterly basis.

3.Advising tax matters

4.Availing Permanent Account No(PAN);Know Your Customers (KYC);compliance and establishing NRE/NRO bank account if needed

We are Top-50 IFA Advisor across India.

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